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Become an Instant Reporter ... Once you sign-up for FREE, you'll be classified as a reporter. Create posts, upload pictures, videos, audios. You can also post about your favorite interests or passion. Sky's the limit!

Become an OFFICIAL REPORTER ... Once you purchase (purely optional) either the News Rockstar credential badge (highly recommended) or the full pack which also includes a microphone flag, you'll be an OFFICIAL Reporter which includes other privileges such as better positioning on your stories, news or other posts.

Badge Credential ... Having one can do many things for you (see sample). It can help you get in many events as a Reporter. It's also a conversation piece as in: "Hey, what's news rockstar?" It also works great when you approach someone for an interview or story. And finally (this is the best part), YOU can talk to people about them becoming a Reporter which will help MONETIZE your News Channel. CNN has somewhere around 400 reporters. We will have thousands of reporters.

Monetize Your Fans, Followers & Other People You Invite ... Once you sign-up for free, you'll be classified as a reporter. Create posts, upload pictures, videos, and audios. Furthermore, all your posted links will work (unlike some other networks), and, we DO NOT impede your ability to promote your business or affiliate links. YEAH!

Ok ... How Do I Monetize My Followers? ... Through our "sister" network (which will launch soon), is where the magic begins. It will be an OPTIONAL program ($10 per month). which is where the funding comes from to monetize your peeps. Once someone FOLLOWS you into the program, you'll start receiving revenues (paid twice per month). Here's the thing. Many people will follow you because they too, will want THEIR people monetized as well.

What Amount Of Revenues Can Be Generated? ... You'll be paid anywhere from 20 cents to $1.00 per user, per month through YOUR Viral Outreach™ sphere-of-influence for around 500,000 users. And, that's just the beginning, as we will have other upgrade options available.

LIVE STREAMING Coming Soon ... You'll be able to LIVE STREAM (free) and archive your broadcasts.

The "Department Of Jobs™"... In 2017 there was a BUSINESS social network that made over $390,000,000 from businesses advertising for jobs and job search. Through our "Department Of Jobs™", you'll be able to advertise UNLIMITED JOBS for FREE. No catch. Not a trial-period. In the meantime, you can post job opportunities directly into the real-time news feed. ROCKON!

Great For Non-Profit Organizations ... How so? Using a Church as an example: Instead of people placing $10 in the donation plate, it's better if they follow your Church in News Rockstar™ so they can get real-time UPDATES on what's happening at the Church, then follow you in our "sister" network (coming soon), because not only does it MONETIZE your Church more, but you're also empowering the donators to do the same for themselves. This concept can be used with ANY Non-Profit Organization.

Great For Other Media Outlets ... Right now virtually all MEDIA outlets are using the top two Social Networks. The question I have for the Media Outlets is, are those networks paying YOU to promote them? NO, they're not. We're not saying drop those networks (would never do that), what we are saying is make News Rockstar™ number ONE on the list so finally, you can get paid on your Fans & Followers. Furthermore, you do not have to use our Mic flags or credentials as you probably have your own. Think of us in another way. What a great way to add reporters for YOUR Media Outlet where they are actually PAYING YOU (through our "sister" network) to be a reporter. AND, if you're looking for a level of separation, you can let them be ROCKSTAR reporters. this way, they can use ROCKSTAR stuff but still report to YOU as an independent reporter.

Great For Celebrities LOCAL & NATIONAL ... Know a celebrity LOCAL or NATIONAL? What a great way to monetize their fans and followers for the celebrity, even if fans never purchase any of their merchandise. Here's a really cool part. All celebrities know other celebrities. Imagine YOUR Viral Outreach™ from a celebrity who reaches out to their friends and so on. YOUR news channel could be HIGHLY monetized fast!

What a Great CROWDFUNDING Source ... Here's the basic concept. You need to raise money. You invite people to follow you because this will help raise money for your worthy project. Remember. People will have their own financial interest to help YOU because it can help them raise money as well. All you have to do is talk about your project and invite people to follow you and see what your project is about. Another example: Let's say you're doing a Kickstarter or Indegogo crowdfunding project. Once someone makes a donation, figure out a way to capture their information so they can follow you on News Rockstar.™ Now here's what's nice. In Kickstarter as an example, you have a limited time for raising and collecting money. By placing these people in The News Rockstar™ funnel, it now has NO restrictive time limits, No quotas, get paid on your donations fast, and News Rockstar™ receives NO commission on your hard earned fund-raising efforts. Plus you can use any type of processing you want to collect donations paid DIRECTLY to you. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Political Intrigue ... (gotta have that). There are lots of people interested in politics. We are a 50-50 Neutral Network. Meaning: We welcome both left and right points-of-view. Your content will not be encumbered, banned or algorithm changed, and "trending" will always be organic. In other words, the way it supposed to be. Furthermore! If you're running for office, you'll want your voter base to follow you not only in News Rockstar™ (for great real-time updates about your campaign) but also our "sister" network (coming soon) as well, which will help fund your political campaign.

What a Great Business Tool ... You can promote virtually ANY business with News Rockstar.™ This is a great tool to publicize what your business can do for customers in real-time. And, unlike other social platforms, any links you create including affiliate links will work perfectly. Did you know that if you're a business, you can actually profit from inviting other businesses? Why? Because now, they and their organization will become part of yours in our "sister" network process (coming soon). You can also post in real-time any specials or announcements for your business.

Great For Real Estate Agents ... You can promote all your listings with content, videos, and pictures for free. By inviting other agents to have their own News Rockstar™ channel and follow you in our "sister" network (coming soon), benefits you as they are now part of your organization, and now THEY to can do the same thing. All Real Estate agents know other Real Estate agents.

Great For Insurance Agents ... Have your clients follow you so they can have "instant" updated information on their insurance needs. By inviting other agents to have their own News Rockstar™ channel and follow you in our "sister" network (coming soon), benefits you as they are now part of your organization, and now THEY to can do the same thing. Works great for captive and non-captive agents. All insurance agents know other insurance agents.

Our Crypto Currency ADSTAX™ ... A utility token that will do amazing things for News Rockstar™ and Rockstar users. See ADSTAX White Paper Download Pdf File.

Receive 5 Adstax Crypto Tokens FREE, when you sign-up for your FREE News Rockstar™ news channel.

Get Paid 5 Adstax Crypto Tokens for every follower in your News Rockstar™ channel.

Adstax Information 1 ... Did you know that there are over 5 MILLION children that die in third-world countries every year from contaminated water? There is a cure available right now and It costs about 50 cents to make. There's already some distribution of this incredible pill, however, with our Crypto, we'll be able to SAVE THOUSANDS of children's lives.

Adstax Information 2 ... Did you know that there are MILLIONS of dollars in unsold advertising every day? People will be able to buy unsold advertising by using our Crypto. And as virtually every business needs advertising to get more customers, it's a win-win situation.

Adstax Information 3 ... We'll be using token sales to purchase a U.S. FDIC Insured Bank so that we can offer banking services to News Rockstar™ users. Things such as no overdraft checking. No chargeback payment solutions and more. We'll also be setting up a corporation in Wyoming where they have very friendly crypto laws.

Adstax Information 4 ... Most people do an ICO to raise money to create the product. WE created the product first. Now we're creating the Crypto.

Soon We'll Be a Registered REG D 506c With The SEC ... This gives us the ability to generate unlimited funding from Accredited Investors to better serve Rockstar users. WANT IN?

Support Local Business Day™ ... Will be celebrated on every other Wednesday (twice per month). Its purpose is to be similar to Black Friday. Thing is, Black Friday is only one day per year and doesn't do much for small to medium-sized businesses. People want to support local businesses, and "Support Local Business Day" will give them the tool to do that with, (coming soon).
Here's What to do First ... The person or organization that sent you this information, may have given you an invitation link. If so just click on that and join, IT's FREE! Or, if you prefer, you can go to and follow your inviter by using their @username in the search.
Here's What to do Next ... See the updates page. Do a post and upload your photo. THEN, and this is important. Start inviting as many people as you can to build your News Channel. Once we launch our "sister" network, that's when your monetization begins.
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