As a Business Access Portfolio Affiliate, You'll
Make $1,000 on Every $250 Sale!
 Plus, Get Ongoing Residual Revenues.
Business Access Portfolio retails for a one-time $2,500. With our financial resources, people can purchase the software (in most cases), for around $250 as their first payment. Our resources will offer to finance with no credit check and regular financing as well. Of course, people will be able to purchase the package outright without the financing. Once the purchase is financed, the finance company pays us the $2,500 and we pay you YOUR $1,000 Commission.

Affiliate Commissions: When the software is purchased (even though the customer may have only come up with around $250), you'll receive a $1,000 Commission. If they made the purchase without the financing, you'll still receive a $1,000 commission. Once the sale is made, the purchaser (just like you), can now make a $1,000 commission on their $250 sales and so on!

Typically, commissions will be paid within 7-days (usually less) of the "customer approval" which takes an average of 24-hours or less.
Residual Revenues.
In the "rewards area" of the clients "back office" which gives them access to ALL the rewards, benefits and services, will be "News Rockstar" and its "sister network." These rewards cannot be taken out. As people use them and upgrade, this builds residual income. Remember, this is pre-launch information.
We Should be Fully Launched in About 2 Weeks.
We Recommend You Get in Before We Fully Launch, As You Will Have Top Positioning in The World's Most Incredible Business Package Ever Created, With a Lot More Rewards And Services to Come.
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