Reporters Wanted
News Rockstarâ„¢ is seeking Reporters on a Worldwide basis. To become an OFFICIAL Reporter, you'll need a minimum of one press credential badge license which will include two press badges (see below). As an OFFICIAL Reporter, you'll receive preferential treatment on YOUR news, stories and other promotions. You may also have an interest in the FULL license which also includes a microphone FLAG. Please note that you do not have to purchase anything to be a reporter, signing up to use News Rockstarâ„¢ for FREE makes you a reporter. However, if you want the other products below, there is a fee for that.

We'll also have available (very soon) an optional platform so that you can monetize your fans and followers. It will pay you anywhere from 20 cents to $1.00 per user, per month and can reach out to 500,000 through your sphere-of-influence.

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License One ... Here's what's included ... Two Rockstar badges, protectors, and lanyards to hang around your neck. SHIPPED 2nd-Day Priority. Price: $25 for the products and $6.70 for the shipping. Total: $31.70. Click here to order.

License Two ... Here's what's included ... One Microphone flag (microphone not included). Two Press Credential Badges. Two Badge protectors and Two lanyards to be worn around the neck. SHIPPED 2nd-Day Priority. Price: $59 for the products an $13.65 for the shipping. Total $72.65 ... Click here to make payment.

After you've made payment, send us the address you want your package sent to and your phone number. send to the email address below ... IMPORTANT: In the subject line, please say BUY REPORTER LICENSE.
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