About Us
News Rockstar™ officially launched on Tuesday, July 02, 2018

News Rockstar™ is a platform similar to Twitter, but far better of course. It offers NO algorithm changes that affect your business or personal opinion. You can use News Rockstar™ to talk about things personal, business or just about anything else.

From a political point of view, your opinions will not be "shadow banned." News Rockstar™ itself is a neutral network. However, as a News Rockstar™ INDEPENDENT REPORTER, you are free to exercise your personal opinion on just about anything. Free speech is important, however, you are not free to instigate violence or child abuse.

We'll also have many other advantages. Example: You'll be able to advertise employment opportunities for FREE! Recieve 5 Crypto tokens just for signing up. AND, once we fully launch (right now we're beta), you'll have banking services at a major discount from a U.S. FDIC Insured bank (that we'll own).

AND - Unlike Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn with our "sister" company (available in a few weeks), you'll be able to monetize you FANS and FOLLOWERS.

Founder, Leslie Robert Wolfe. Download Bio

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