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Views & Opinions: Views and opinions of News Rockstar™ users and independent reporters do not reflect opinions of News Rockstar™ or their employees, corporate reporters or any other affiliates.

Fake News: ALL news is considered fake news until the user, reader, viewer, watcher or listener validates it.

Spamming and Misrepresentation: Spamming (sending unsolicited, commercial email) concerning News Rockstar™ products or services is strictly prohibited. Verified spamming complaints may result in cancellation of your News Rockstar™ status. Furthermore, any misrepresentation of News Rockstar™ may also result in cancellation of your News Rockstar™ status. In the event there is a potential problem, the News Rockstar™ ACCOUNT HOLDER may have their status placed in suspension (or canceled) at the sole discretion of News Rockstar™ until the matter is resolved. Several attempts will be made to the News Rockstar™ ACCOUNT HOLDER in order to resolve any issues.

Inviting People/Reporters: You may invite people and businesses to join the News Rockstar™ news channel.

Customer Data: I understand that I maintain full-ownership of my content. I also fully agree that from time-to-time, there may be external communications sent to the News Rockstar™ database for promotional reasons, in which my content may be used. Customer data will NOT be sold or rented to any third-party entity.

Links: I understand that I MAY use promotional links in my posts such as My website, affiliate links and so on without penalty.

Subscription Cancellations: You may cancel your News Rockstar™ ACCOUNT subscription at any time.

I understand that, as a News Rockstar™ ACCOUNT HOLDER, I am an independent contractor, responsible for ALL my own expenses and taxes on my royalties (IF ANY). I agree to conduct myself in a professional manner, in accordance with current News Rockstar™ rules and regulations and amendments thereto as issued from time to time in writing by News Rockstar™. My acceptance by News Rockstar™ does not create an employer-employee relationship, franchise or joint venture or with News Rockstar™ (its employees, principals, affiliates or marketing representatives), nor does it confer any consideration whatsoever upon News Rockstar™ (its employees, principals, affiliates, marketing representatives or other account executives). Any conclusion to the contrary, by others, would clearly be contradictory to the intent of the parties hereto and work as a remaking of this agreement. You must be 18 years or older to participate in the News Rockstar™ program.

News Rockstar™ subscribers, users, watchers, listeners or readers agree not to hold News Rockstar™ or any of its employees, subscribers, users, reporters, connectors or contributors liable either directly or indirectly for loss of benefits, loss of opportunity, loss of services, loss of expenses or any other consideration. News Rockstar™ terms, conditions, benefits, and reporter program are subject to change with a five-day notice.

News Rockstar™ reporters, subscribers, connectors, readers or users fully agree to NOT report or publicize anything derogatory or harmful to News Rockstar™.

News Rockstar™ RESTRICTIONS: Free speech is important, however, there are a few restrictions. No pornography, instigating acts of violence, terrorism or related items and child abuse. People have differences of opinion, which is why it's News Rockstar™ sole discretion, to determine if the content is acceptable or not. violating these terms may result in cancellation of your News Rockstar™ ACCOUNT.

PLEASE NOTE: News Rockstar™ does NOT shadow ban or create algorithms to change what is trending.

News Rockstar™ or any of its intellectual property, patents, proprietary software, trademarks or copyrights may NOT be licensed, sub-licensed, assigned or transferred for any purpose without WRITTEN permission from News Rockstar™. Trademarks: I fully agree that trademarks claimed by News Rockstar™ seen throughout the News Rockstar™ website are proprietary trademarks of their respective owners.

I fully understand that by registering, viewing or using any of the News Rockstar™ products or services, constitutes full acceptance of ALL terms and conditions herein. Void where prohibited by law.

Updated 07/02/2018
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